Sunday, August 31, 2008


Chinese pollution blowing all over the USA
World Wide AIDS epidemic increasing
Two Hurricanes and Global Warming
Children used in Combat and Terrorism in Africa
Government - War Machine Costly Expenses
Economic - Job market weakness and major loss of homes
Education Scores and Graduation levels drop
Arctic Pole Ice melting
Earthquakes and Volcano threats
Violence and sensationalism in movies and media.


Man is both surviving and living for himself. The planet is secondary.
The planet is reacting and acting in it's own nature also.
The integrated consciousess of both is our only future.

EAGLE CARES - Read the PANEAGLE7 blog. Why?
Because we have solutions and conscious intent.
We would like to see the following:

(*BENEFICIAL Life or living to Benefit ENVIRONMENT)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008



This ambitiously simple plan addresses ENERGY, RESOURCES, AND HUMAN HABITATION. The major problems begin in America with an ambitious but dynamically simple plan.


1) SOLAR SUBSIDY - provide solar panels to every home and share the energy-grid.(Payments to power company and solar suppliers repay the subsidy) - reduces foreign oil and imports as well as pollution plus is a higher energy efficiency model. AIR, NATURAL GAS, WIND AND WATER regenerative systems are to be established.
2) ELECTRIC-HYBRID VEHICLES and other LOW IMPACT SYSTEMS - recycle all old or build all new vehicles with electric-hybrid model. Upwards 150MPG in next 3 years is possible and available. Lower greenhouse gases and dependency. No more wasteful burning of fossil fuels. Education should begin at home with parents and children, and Online. Reduce all needs for travel and imports.
3) INTERNATIONAL RATIOCINATION - Value profits for disaster relief agency and providers, and low impact people. Ratiocination allows ratio-scale economics for international trade and education. These modules will balance world economies.
4) NETWORK MARKETING SYSTEM - Create sale on demand economics with home business economy (reducing capital expenditure, office work communting, and capital business problems). Demonstrated one product networking can be income providence.
5) 4 R's - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, and re-create our environment and our lives.
6) PLANT TREES and HOME GARDENS with local community distribution and sovereignty. (incorporate LOCAL Labor and INTEGRATE BUSINESS MODELS as locally organized) Returns home values directly to the local and home people while supporting a global initiative of self-sufficiency.
7) ECONOMIC SUPPORTS For those REDUCING Energy And Waste - Support all those part of the solution. Value both profit and non-profit agency in both productivity and balance. Confirms those on the side of world and individual support. Players must all have a stake. It is a unified global world now.
8) R.E.S.U.L.T.S - Carbon Emission elimination, Freedom for citizens and home owners, Responsible integated use of economic resources, Prevent Global warming. OBSERVED RESULTS of this plan will be noticeable and dramatic.


THE REASONS - global warming, pollution, psychological stress, abuse, government excess, waste, war, political controls, harm to environment, clear dangers to humanity. The coming cycles of change are evident, the need transparent, and a good ENERGY PLAN is self-evident. It speaks to liberty, justice, and happiness for all man, and the planet. As we evolve an unified integrated humanity with nature on our side, instead of man against nature, we can return to nature and good value living for all. This is as much a spiritual initiation as it is a physical priority.





RATIOCINATION - ratio relative value economics for trade.
EEE - ELECTRIC and ENERGY energy systems.
SOLAR subsidy - the value of solar energy and alternative economics.
UNIVERSAL - Unifed Planet Effort to reduce harm and support all life.
R'S - reduce use, recycle all materials, regenerate, or reuse all safe products.
SOVEREIGNTY - local community growing own products, energy, services, and foods.
TREES HOME GARDENS - Going Green includes local gardening, and planting.
ZYSTEMS - universal or unified integrated home business.
FLIGHT - fully integrated honesty, accountable energy, politics, and use.



PSYCHOLOGICAL - eliminate problems through education, communication, love attitude.
RESOURCES - Eliminate destruction of environment, total integrity of resources.
POLITICAL ORDERS - non-conflict, security, international agreements

BALANCED ECONOMICS - capital ratiocination system, help all to feed themselves. Support business and nations in non-polluting mutual cooperation, relief agency values.
LABOR - division of labor and company work fund sharing
ENERGY - solar, wind, water, turbine, natural gas, thermal, alternative and
ENVIRONMENT - Remove toxins, pollutants, waste. Free, clean or grid energy systems.
MEDICAL - Eliminate Aids, diseases, de-stress, coordination of medicine and natural plant healing.
SPIRITUAL - freedom of religion, non-conflict of religions

THE WORLD DREAM TEAM - disciples of the world and their example

PETER...Peter Adams...aka Paneagle. (author, education, coordination)
Bartholomew. BART….John Barth, novelist
Thomas. TOM…..Tom Cruise (freedom of religion, initiative)
Matthew. MATT….Matt Damon (media arts)
James the lesser - JAMES...Jim Morrison. (freedom)
Thaddaeus. THAD.. Jude Thaddeus..Jude Law (peace)
JOHN...John Lennon...Imagine, and Love is all we need. (Yoko Ono)
PAUL...Paul McCartney. (finance, cooperation)
JAMES....Jimi Hendrix. (creativity)
SIMON the Zealot..Paul Simon...(Human rights, freedom)
ANDREW...Andy Roddick...(Children, education quality of life)
MARK....Mark Mandela...(health, medical)

8 WAYS we can re-direct the planet.
A UPE meeting of the 10 living disciples and 12 living world associates.
Education initiatives online, A new world community non-political nation.
Creative arts and media symposium or international symposium.
Financial establishment of ratiocination relief support systems.
Peace and human rights technology media coverage and initiative.
Business freedom and rights of cooperative unified effort agreements.
Religious and Spiritual freedom symposium.
Creation of a inter-nation homeland base such as Island or in the North Country.
Medical symposium and online conference.

The Modern Day order of “Disciples for the world”

7 currently active associate males (plus 3 symbolic or real):
Bill Gates... (technological, medical)
Al Gore... (environment)
Barack Obama... (racism, religion, political)
T Bone Pickens... (energy)
Leonard DiCaprio... (humanity, environment)
Michael Moore... (media, social-political)
Nelson Mandela... (human rights)
Christopher Reeve and Michael J. Fox... (medical)

5 currently active associate females:
Ophra Winfrey...(Media, human rights)
Angelina Jolie…..(freedom, children..with brad pitt)
Barbra Streisand...(finance, feminine)
Hillary Clinton...(feminine, politics)
Pamela Anderson...(Animal rights)

Mark…...Mark Mandela. An associate with (health) Moringa. Zija product of the Moringa MIRACLE TREE is a tropical based tree whose leaves can be eaten, that supports health and nutrition survival for both animals and humans. Could feed a starving humanity.

Example. Jude Law, actor, In July 2007, Law and Jeremy Gilley were in Afghanistan over a period of 10 days [64] to document peace commitments and activities there for an upcoming film and for marking the UN International Day of Peace

The team is already at work. Now it is a matter of putting it all together. There are millions on the team, who may or may not know they are part of the team. Of the twelve, it is not a purpose to resurrect Christianity. It is to realize the current incarnation of the age-old theme of savior and saving grace, for wisdom, freedom, power and love, and the best of all mankind.

The team is all working on it physically, to bring about awareness and pro-activity on all levels. There is of course the fact all are part of the team, as workers in the light and love of the world, man, and life in general. Much to the distance from them is the anti-civilization, that many of us are mired by, and government and business powers are mired in. It may be that they also do not sense or realize this themselves. Associates can work in any field, science, creative arts, social activism, or spirituality, as examples.

Another associate is John Simmons Barth (born May 27, 1930) is an American novelist and short-story writer, known for the postmodernist and metafictional quality of his work.

How to reach these individuals:
Andy Roddick Foundation
Location: 5458 Town Center Rd. #13
Boca Raton, FL, 33486
Birthday: August 30, 1982

MORINGA. Miracle Tree...Moringa. Zija. Mark Mandela.

We shall complete this list of contacts presently.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Why (or how) to know we are right when we are right?SAYING WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID, AND WHAT OTHERS WILL NOT SAY.

Why the vagary of trust? If we are heading in right directions, it just feels right.
RIGHT MAKES RIGHT. It does not make wrong. Many people follow the stars, but more do not trust the stars? Why? Because either way can appear uncertain, with so many factors, yet if one gets a correct choice, it usually shows itself right afterwards as correct, or not.

Why are things going wrong in the world today? Too many are being negative. The people trust in the wrong people or unreal things. They don’t trust in the right direction. They obey authority over common sense. Or they simply go in familiar and often wrong directions. Turning this around is simple math, that plus is plus, minus is minus, and the fact GOOD MAKES GOOD.

The attitude of most is this physical is the only world. It is our primary world, but we also see the new planets and other star systems. There is much more than meets the eye. Today we may not see the reason for cause and effect in storms, flooding, crops or volcano. We had an investment located in Indonesia which was taken by government and the English man in charge of group was put in jail. Although he did wrong in trusting bad partner investors, he did not know his trust was misplaced. He intended good, but should have realized the poor choice of partners.

The physical law is cause = effect, spiritually know as sow what we reap. The government should also have returned the money to the investors. They did not. The tidal wave came to the shore of Indonesia. Was this related? It cost the government and the people of the area, but no one related the two events. Nothing is an accident. All has cause and effect. It is an integrated world. Myanmar is also relative to this political attitude of the area. So we notice the effect but are not dealing with the cause. We must do so, to be effective.

Karma was begun as a concept in the eastern part of the world, and surely both in China and in the USA, we see this returning. It comes down to the question we ask; Is it right? Then ask if it is also a forward direction. Does it feel forward? We ask the questions of ourselves. We all have the sense of truth. Thus George Bush may have made errors, and if we trust we have made errors in trusting wrongly. The war or lack of environment oversight both costs us all. So we see storms in middle USA from Texas to Iowa. It is again no accident.

Now as we see growing limits on Food resources and oil and gas pollution as well as co-dependency causing crop failure or loss of income, and problems with water (emotion), travel costs, and much more. Economic relations to real estate market are included. This is not time to blame, but to seek cause and make adjustment. Hybrid electric technology and alternatives should be sought. Hence the Obama program more likely anticipates the future. It is not that McCain is bad, but if we stand for status quo again, we shall see the same results. It is a question who sees with more light on the correct choices to make? We must decide carefully ourselves, and not count on the politicians. It is local first, and the universal to follow.

The stars impel, they do not compel. We are independent individuals but also unified with the whole. We always have a chance to make right choices, use the positive and form clear decisions. The stars can guide, but we must ride. The form of life and the world is not ours to create alone, but it is ours to blend with and work to provide for. We can unify or disunify. What is our choice? The same question is how do we proceed forward? Ask the two questions of yourself, and you will see, in your own world, of how to proceed.

The two laws of agreement, and to not invade the privacy of others, lead to a third calm quiet law. The one law of LOVE. Is love in our nature? Of course. Are we doing things out of love? This is the final and highest priority question we always ask.

Best to all; Paneagle

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN the refusal to allow aid into the country following the CYCLONE. For if any of us can help, sound the voice.. It is one of those immediate needs the world military should protect the shipments and do what is needed. These false leaders are karmically destroying their country.. TERRIBLE thing. I feel it deeply. we all should.

Uranus in pisces suggests deep need for world help and compassion. The next days will show more. (stars show sol uranus is opposite sol pluto in taurus scorpio). That describes it all very well...HELP THE DYING to live.

I am told the MYANMAR PRESIDENT GENERAL is following astrology. He would do best to follow this or he will lose his power, and the world will evict them all. CRISIS days are here for them. WORLD PEOPLE SHOW WE CARE about life. Force Myanmar to help themselves with all means possible. There is no time to waste.

A message from PANEAGLE USA.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


AMERICA was born under independence and rebellion, with hidden secret agenda and trial and challenge effecting decisions, to become free and a republic for which it stands. We see now the effect of United States congress and its reportage of individual freedom within a context of global communications, which has be inhibited by judicial power and responsibility, the use of authority to control and maintain, usually to the benefit of the wealthy or banking and establishment. It has come to our attention principally because of undue stress on environment and conditions of political concern, which we address during this most important millenium ahead.

PANEAGLE was born in New York City near the hudson river, during a clear crisp Winter night with a near full moon high in the sky near Aldeberan in taurus and Sirius brightly visible almost exactly with Uranus in the north eastern sky and Jupiter also visible above and towards the western horizon. This is the Night Sky map of the American Sol Astrologer who has Uranus and Sirius placed at the position of the United States Sun, a son of descendents of original american settlers and the first Governor of Massachusetts, whose Mother is born on the same birthdate July is the same as the 6th president, John Quincy Adams, his namesake. He was named after Peter Marshall, a resident priest of the American Congress up until his death in 1951.

Now two simple and profound statements we can make to assist America. They are the national ENERGY SOLAR SUBSIDY which would supply advantages for every American to relieve energy stress and dependents and provide income to every household. Second, we must find a way to allow ELECTRONIC DEMOCRATIC VOTING for election via secured technology and for a new voting agenda of American people to insure a TRUE REPUBLIC for which it stands. Until now, these problems which affect our long term safety and prosperity.

THE AMERICAN SOL ASTROLOGER is also the AMERIGINAL who can provide some real statements of truth and the American Way while being neutral and open to all, without bias, of a universal understanding, and Insights which few if any have yet provided. It is with this spirit of freedom and knowledge that Paneagle makes this
email and

Sunday, January 13, 2008



1. Poverty continues; even worse in America than most industrial nations percentage wise. 2. Education Not – Schools are failing, literacy is less, television is epidemic, learning is secondary. 3. Common Ignorance – taught in church and state; co-dependency through the media 4. Self-Aggrandisement – Promotion of celebrity and sports icons, traditions and excessive patriotism, general support for idolatry and the love of ego. 5. The military industrial complex – Build up of economy based on weaponry, warned against by Eisenhower 6. Invasive expansionism – Warned strongly by our first President, George Washington, to avoid foreign entanglements 7. No vote worth a vote; Supreme Injustice – The Supreme Court and Justice system has control over the legislative bodies, thus supporting the economic power base. Show me the Money - Free Democracy America is not. Freedom is controlled by the banking and monied leadership via economic power. 8. Culture of Violence - Manipulation by Americans of world thought, attitudes, economics, use of resources, and the media control through technology and electro-magnetics technology. 9. Health not Wealth – Cut off the Fat; The drug industry is number one in America. Health is compromised at every turn. Fast ‘food’ is a joke. Plastic in microwaves causes cancer. The list is long. The big six cadets are caffeine, alcohol, drugs, excess, tobacco and sugar. These form major industries. None of them are good for the body.

If we continue this way, we will find America as number 0. Our goal is an America of 10 commandmants, free, liberty, justice, self-evident truth, principled, environmentally protected, home of the brave, free speech, truth, fresponsible, and love. These form the bulk of the Ameriginal precedent and the ability of any to live, speak or do, within the two laws, do no harm, and do not invade the privacy of others. To these we dedicate the same of the original forefathers, for which we stand.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007



Taot word sound like Diet because it is a natural Diet, one that is not a fad, but something which is ongoing within us, as natural as healing, as wondrous as living, as perfect as the moment which expresses what we need to be or know. The Taot is not a movement, religion, or for profit, but is part of the original "Way" now updated for current times. That is all and ever what it is to be, but in that it can lead you to true health. Is that not a wonderful and important thing?


Basically Health is very simple. Take care of the moment. Do the next right thing.
Breathe easy, and have patience. Be moderate, and don’t indulge to excess. Avoid
toxins, and limit or avoid Tobacco, Caffeine, Drugs, Sugar, and Alcohol. Drink
plenty of water. Get some exercise, and give love to others. These are the basics.

FIVE EASY HEALTH clues and cures:

CHERRY EXTRACT for KIDNEY, bladder and liver
MAXGXL for GLUTATHIONE ENERGY and natural Viagra,

GOD’S MEDICINES of the TAO (pronounced Dow) is the WAY.

In modern times, this ancient way is still with each and every one, in every iota of space. Today as we adapt to the changing world, we become the leader of our own intelligence. This is a Divine (Natural Knowing) within, that becomes more and more of us. And it is very simple, usually more so than our complex brain can organize. But the Way is here, in Truth, Love, and All, and that is why this book can transform your life.

The Way is the true art of being, which is naturally healthy. To speak or hear
or be of the Way is to ignite its presence and natural giving.



The old proverb to not feed a man a fish, but to teach the man to fish is our fitting example of the Way, for in our world it is far better to learn how to do, and to know how to give. The Way is self-sufficiency, yet it is also to be cooperative. A new proverb is “We create our reality”, but actually it is that we “Co-create” our reality. This is co-workership with the One, the spirit, and life. Our true health, happiness and holiness comes from this relationship, not from our individuality. If this key alone is understood, One will find all that one needs along the Way.


No matter how healthy or safe or good we become, in this world we are all going to experience illness. It may be of body or of pocket or of lack, but in this dual nature, some opposition will be there. We can’t escape it. It is part of us here, but we can get the perfect or good into the moment, even if it can’t last. That doesn’t mean life cannot be really good, and sustained. It can and does and is. The challenge of health is to see our activity to sustain. This means using God’s medicines, and observing everything as god’s gift. This includes our obstacles, and our challenge to rise to the higher level of Health, Wealth, Love and Spirit.


Everyone will come to the Way on their own. Our point of reference is really the very nature of our being, in relation to the One that is within all. This One works specifically. As our uniqueness is aligned with the whole, it brings wholeness. Simply knowing the Way is enough for that wholeness to be manifest and experienced directly here and now. That which is not the Way tends to fall away naturally. It is the natural system or Way of life, by the WAY itself.


The planet may not be safe for humans in 50 Years. To fear for that concern is not a statement one wants to make. This Ozone-Pollution- Greenhouse-Gases (Pogg) environmental strangling needs our immediate primary attention. It is all linked to our economic use of resources and united planet efforts.

The ABC’s of Attention, Beauty and Cooperation, or Agricultural-Bio-Dynamic Conservation, or Accountable Beneficial Coordination in economics, are essential clues to what we need to do. I call this CPR or Capare, which is a growing integrated system of economics, using Capital Ratio’s for developing peoples, Pay it Forward concepts of helping those who cannot initially help themselves, and the three R’s of reduce, reuse, and recycle, along with responsible accountable action. Capital Pay Forward Responsibility is a developing system of ideas which subscribe to the highest humanitarian ideals.

A IS FOR AIR (0XYGEN) The one thing we need to live this moment is breath. This is also what begins each baby’s life. Without Oxygen we’re done. The secret of TAO here is the DOUBLE BREATH. To explain, we first must recognize the special Schumann Earth Resonance of 7.8, which in seconds is the time a golf ball flies normally. This also should be our natural inhale time, and our exhale time. But if we get to 5.0 seconds, we still are doing better than most. Our body is 60% Oxygen. This cosmic attunement by Breathing allows us full usage.
The DOUBLE BREATH is to extend 1) the abdomen and 2) the chest.
Relax the shoulders, allowing the lower stomach area to take in air, then secondly, inhale to allow the chest to receive air. Exhale is in reverse order; Release chest, and then abdomen. If you practice, this will become natural, breathing first at 5.0 seconds or more as we learn the way to release tension.
Oxygen and Air is our natural link to cosmos and life. Every molecule of air from the past is still with us, and has passed through all the famous persons. In science, we see the quantum of dark matter in each Iota of space contains all the infinite power of the whole. The connection in our body is through Air. Each time we relax, we align with all of God’s Medicines, like Sound, and Exercise, and Plant life which we consume for energy. Everything is connected. Begin with your breath in every thing you do.
Breathe leads us to Balance. The Balance of the Way is not to be for nor against, to be neutral, yet it is also to be the beauty, like a rainbow arching over the ocean, its balance point above the horizon, viewing all below and giving lovely light and radiance to all. Balance is not passivity, but an active agreement and cooperation. We bring balance by balanced optimism, and attention on the need of the moment. This mostly is through light and sound, the twin aspects of being, and a union of attention with necessity. This is the harmony of the individual who works with life with independent initiative.
B: The practical, the earthy, and the bounty of life. It is the manifest That follows action, and the being that follows the breath of life. The letter B comprises the connection of heaven to earth, and the balanced point between, which is within ourselves.
We all need exercise, for the body and spirit. Contemplation is the art of enjoying spiritual food. It can be consistent regular spiritual practice, or the contemplation of life and purpose. This form of contemplation is our relative association and relationship to the Way, and the One. Devotion, surrender, silence, imagination and observation, seem to be the keys. One who contemplates aspects of Life, finds the medicine of cooperation from spirit, the force, and God Through material, emotional, mental, or spiritual means. But the result is a return to the Way, which is the healing nature of this art.
Try this exercise; Breathe calmly. Using this spiritual word, HU, close your eyes and make the sound HUUUUUUU. Then look for the light inside you, or observe how your eyes can see inside your eyelids, while you also sense that your awareness is more than just that observation. In the connection of those two faculties, we find by practice the feeling of peace, and our active soul center. Don’t expect an experience, but see what may happen, using the HU sound like a cook adding a bit of spice to the sauce.
Other forms of contemplation include idea association, journal writing, creative exercises and the use of a request for a key or clue to your current condition, or your quest (see Q).
Discipline is actually natural to us. We are trained from our first moments, but this training appears random, yet it is specific. Thus we learn more from discipline than randomness, but each teaches us. Danda is the right use for the moment, an important key, as in the eight fold path of Buddha, right livelihood, right speech, and so on. Discipline is the regular habit of spiritual and physical practice, also in some form of creative work, and the earning of our daily bread. With these 10 positive commandments, we embrace the wisdom of the ages. Thou shalt 1) Live for love 2) Be an example 3) Know thyself 4) Do all in the holy names 5) Earn thy own way 6) Heed the laws, especially silence 7) Trust in God 8) Tie up thy camel 9) Follow truth and 10) Honor thy beloved and respect thy neighbor.
That is enough discipline for anyone.
Exercise is the practice of energy. Whatever it takes. It may be walking, talking, loving, or physical movement. To define exercise is to see the way of spirit in action through the body. Chi is the energy of the spirit, also known as the Ka. The key (chi) Tao (way) exercises for me are Tai Chi and the Five Rites. Combination of them is fun.
Tai Chi is the natural breath and motion of the body in the rhythm of earth, slow, subtle, and relaxed. Simply set yourself in tune by breath and move. You will find it natural. We have 3 kinds of movements. Standing – Hold one’s arms out in a circle and shoulder height, and put feet apart, eyes closed or open, gazing forward, and relax. Walking - Side to side flow from foot to foot moving forward a small amount each time, and Rowing – One foot in front of the other balancing and flowing forward and back, changing the weight from foot to foot, while breathing easily the double breath. Arms may be moved in tandem or natural motion, as if polishing a large stone.
One other key is LETTING GO. My Mentor said, “There is no end to letting go.” Let go, Let in and Let out. As you stand, let your body dissolve into the air and earth, releasing from the shoulders, to solar plexus, to knees, and feet to the earth. That’s the short truth to this Chi energy. Simple walking in the outdoors can be great exercise.
Here are three kinds of exercise. Try these 3 sets of 12 movements for excellent health. While your double breathe, A) Swing your arms stretched out 6 times each way. Then enjoy this dynamic flowing B) 1. Stand at ease, then touch your toes, 2. reach and fall to a handstand, 3. do a pushup, 4. body flat to floor and 5. do a cobra raising your head and chest upwards(Sun exercise), 6. curl up in a ball on your knees, 7. arch your arms, back and head backwards to the sky, 8. to a pushup and arch your hips and middle high, 9. walk on your hands to stand up, 10. push your chin in to the neck 11. push your chest out, and head back and twist your neck side to side 12. Breathe and relax arms, shoulders, hips and feet as your standing.
C) Floor exercise, 1. Sit on floor, legs out in front 2. Arch your legs to half mast, 3. Do vertical handstand, feet to sky 4. arch legs over head to touch floor 5. raise reversed with both arms and legs for support (if you can) 6. lying flat on back and stretch, 7. do sit-up and touch toes, 8. pull knees into chest 9) reverse of knees in and stomach out(chiropractor stretch), both ways, 10) split legs out with hands to feet and head forward (as far as possible) 11. back to original form and 12) relax all parts of body into earth.
Every exercise should feel good and be easy with some tension. Double Breathe as you can. The movements flow into one another so you may find your own natural Way of doing them. That is the Tao.
Friends are for fun and companionship, an essential to having health. Lovers are friends too. Women should know that basically men are for fun, and vice versa. We make to much of partnering, yet it should also be honored. It can be easier than we make it. Giving is a key. Give up to God. Give out to others. Give in to yourself.
How we enjoy our friends is up to us. We must also see that life brings us people, whether they seem friendly or not, for lessons we need. Experience, lessons, and obstacles go hand in hand. We find our lovers and loved ones can bring the biggest tests. If we see each experience is the Way communicating to us, we can see each as a friend, a companion on the Way. Each obstacles is always a steeping stone. Acceptance here is the key to consciousness. Thus laughter and humor play a major role. How can we open our hearts? Try Laughing and also L.A.U.G.H, Listen, be attentive and Aware to be you and the Hu (see U), Giving and going with no Hurry on the path.
This simple acronym will bring you joy. Without friends, we have little. People make too much of money. What is a million without someone to share it with? What is a world without one to create life with? If the world is not safe for our children, how can we enjoy the Way? Three questions you might try 1) would a dog, a three old, or you in 100 years really care? Yet if these don’t think it’s fun, it still could be.
Once I received this five point code. Do all with love, Being you, and Hu, To practice the presence, Listen, listen, listen, and Know there is no hurry on the path. These are the antidotes to the deadly sins, of anger, greed, lust, attachment, and vanity as mortal enemies. They take us away from health.
Gratitude and appreciation (displays of gratitude) are real keys to release. Most people cannot rid themselves of Guilt. It is deeply engrained in many, and natural guilt (when bad could be done) is not understood. The world society almost lives on it. People are very defensive. And we often feel under constant invasion. Giving and gratitude are the antidotes, which shall turn this around. Love cannot exist in the same place as fear. So when we appreciate our gifts, we open to giving. Giving returns the Way to us, and reverses the flow.
The exercise here is to list all the things your grateful for. There are always a thousand more than you can say, even when your deeply depressed. We all get low. It is natural, like rest, for we need down times to appreciate the up. Gifts of god are all around, and the great goodness of G is an easy way to see and experience these gifts incoming.
Herbs and Vitamins are nature’s chemical elements of health though the sun and plants. These specifics give clear signals of what we may need for our current modern man problems. Our Vitamin tool box includes C for energy, B for stamina and endurance, A for eyesight, D for calcium bone strength, E for skin, sex, and healing, F for trace minerals for support, as in folic acid. These six actually pool the 6-pointed star in the body. We may see this star in the heart, or a diamond shape in the chest lung area. If the heart does not feel open, try this exercise. Breathe and see the door opening, the light from within radiating out to the world like a sun.
Herbal Alphabet includes Ginseng(Energy), Ginkgo Biloba(Mind memory), Echinacea(preventative), Comfrey(stomach), Golden Seal(heals), Angel’s breath, Lobelia(muscle relaxant), Chamomile(calm), Dong Quai(women/s complaint), Ginger( Tonic), Cancer treatment and fight versus internal parasites with Burdock Root, Red Clover, and Cayenne, (See "The Cure for all Diseases" by Hulda Clark) . Her point is Cancer comes from a combination of Parasites(especially in meat) and Alcohol, as in processed foods, and in solution cosmetics or cleansers, of poisons within the system which break down our immunity!
We may include in H for Health, the following 26 Bio-Dynamics; Blue Green Algae(purify), Goat’s milk, Crystals, Inter-cropping. Humus Composted soil and Aboriginal rock dust, worms, weeds, woods and tree planting, Water and Roof gardens, Sonic Bloom, Free energy systems, Passive, wind, and active solar grids, Macro-culturing, Hydrogen and Oil palm plant alcohol fuel, Forest eco-culture, Land and Seed preservation, Conservation and the three R’s; Reuse, recycle, and reduce.
Imagination is a gift, truly. In Quantum Physics, the newly discovered context of dark matter than fills 75% of the universe indicates unlimited potential in every iota of space. With that idea, we find when one gets down to the lowest common denominator of one, or the humblest level of the individual, we actually find everything is available, and our unit of awareness can get into anything. Here is where imagination just rises as if from nothing, and creation comes.
Intelligence is the use of the creative faculties, and the awareness of the Way that is with all. These are absolute gifts, but we are not speaking of mind, or forces. This is simply our natural capacity, whether we are mentally able or not. The universe communicates itself to all, based on each specific perception. The One gives without preference, as we are willing to receive from it.
In the I, individuality connects heaven and earth. The gift is to be used with all life, in all our efforts, without force. It allows us to see what we need to know. I call this following the cues. The exercise is to note each cu as it comes along, and obey the references that lead to the next fulfillment. It is not to expect or demand, or to control, but rather simply open the door, and let awareness be your guide.
To say “I of myself do nothing, but allow the spirit in all things!”

Joy. Exaultation. Exuberance. Ecstasy. The experience of giving and the wonder of living. The enchantment of giving and receiving. This is the stuff of god’s genius. It comes from all the other of God’s gifts. It comes from simply being, and being with spirit in our life, here and now. It comes with humor and laughter. To live, laugh, and love.
This profound gift is our birth right, but one that is also earned. It is Not learned so much as allowed. As we are willing, so shall we receive. Joy is the art of unconditional love in conditional experience, whether deserved or not, living without judgments. Creativity, cooperation, and consistency all bring joy. The funny thing about Joy is it’s non-limitation. Abundance and freedom come from it’s golden bowl.
Take a bowl and see it’s golden form, open and able to contain all light within it, making a great sound of freedom. See this bowl filling with all your joy, and dip your hand in to sip up a bit of it each day. At night let it be empty, so you may find it full again in the morning. Then drink of the wondrous living water that has filled it. If you are able to give with Joy through the days, you will find this unending fountain of love filling itself within your life.


If not for love, what have we? If not for light, who can be? If not for sight, who will see? If not for kisses, who would seize the day?

In the movie and famous book, “Lost Horizon”, The High Llama says his group has but one rule, “Be Kind”. This is the staple of all human effort. The expression of kindness is the kiss. I choose Kisses to make light of the sky dance, the art of lovemaking, not just for sexual union, but for the metaphors of union in our life. Every act expresses the touch and kiss of God. And here if we will allow, to feel this is a very important gift of the sharing of love, which unites us to ourselves.

The art of kissing has as many facets as any other art in the world. The lip kiss, the soft kiss, the passionate kiss, the cheek kiss, the french kiss, the hand kiss, the quick peck, the deep throat, or the kiss of love. Each has it’s feel and sense, and metaphors. Love making in all things brings the context of tantra or union with another as an expression of the union with spirit. It means devotion and loyalty and creating a bond. We join our own star with another, forming the crystal shapes of creation. Each action is an expression of our ability to be of this spirit. We are also learning how to kiss the world, to be creative, and to receive its blessings.

Now we really know why we sang that k.i.s.s.i.n.g song as kids!

“When love is in the nature, all is well.” The third in the night group of letters is Love. Broaden love into the expression of every experience, of need for the moment, and the structure of all worlds, and we begin to touch what love is. It is not just human love, but more, it is the divine in all. Love is our door to all the gifts, and by giving love, we find we have enough for us too. That is the simple secret. Love is all, and none else exists.
The illusion and karma arises in love, because it is so potent. It does not try, but underlies all life. Within, we find love always behind each motivation, however dark. The light reflects the dark. But where love, all is illuminated and also free. When we limit love to human friends, we can’t find it’s greatness. When we expand that love to the field of true freedom, we embrace the change, and see what is needed. Love gives, power takes. This is what love teaches.
The exercise is to give love unconditionally once a day. Remember love in some form, a heart, in light, or a song. See it as a golden aura leading your way, and wait for the opportunity to give. Give to live, and love to give. It is so simple. I have found the song HU as a special gift that opens the door to love without forcing requests. This Sound spoken as HUUUUUU is a soft chant that opens the heart, And brings in the spirit, actually by reconnecting us to the Way.
Music is the food of soul. The key of this gift is Sound, the spirit force or focal point as it issues out from the source. Music is our expression of the sound, as is the use of voice and tone. We feel through sound and express what we see in words. All of these expressions can be beautiful and open us up to form and freedom.
Anything can be done through sound, healing or creative effort, or insightful ideas. But this can be a powerful force, and needs to be used well and properly. Rock music does not always help plant growth, unlike other forms. It has its place, but excess is easily done. The experience of spiritual or material things is accompanied by vibration or sound, in song or in feeling, and we should pay close attention to effect and cause. Mastery, mysticism, or magic all derive from it as a major emotional mover, and motivator.
The exercise is unusual. Make your music with the heart, not by song, or voice, but by allowing waves of good energy or spirit to come through or express outward from your center. Let the silent language of love flow and be felt in life around you, and know you have specific rhythms in body and soul that refresh your spirit.
Sun is clearly a gift, for all life on Earth comes from it. The sun is magical and wondrous, the bright in the physical. We have the bright within us too, a great light that shows us the way. Sunshine and outdoors are gifts of nature, and plants and food gifts from of nurturing. We need to respect and use them well.
Sun can be a danger. Excess in play or sun can lead to disease. The sun too is a powerful gift that must be understood. Sun is light, and light is power We should try to use this gift for solar power, and a million other good things we could develop from it. The night stars too are suns driven by the cosmic forces. We can create a sun in our heart, or give light to others through our smiling eyes. This is all part of the sun, including the seasons. Get out into nature and be refreshed. Nature is our greatest gift while we are alive in the physical world.
Originality means we are the origin of our life. The One love, one life, one spirit, one heart, and one soul that we are is the source of what we may need and know. The Original blueprint of life recreates itself in all expression, from one to one, and all associations come from it. I call this following the CU, when we see the association of a thought or feeling to an experience. As we practice this technique, we find balance, order, and place. We learn from life, and handle the obstacles. But it all comes from our being with the source, and spirit.
The Way seems to be religious but is not. It is all, and of course inspired devotion, but mostly the origin is available to all regardless of belief. To be in our center, and know how to stay there, is a great gift. The gifts of trust, honesty, and compassion come from it. We have to be truthful about who we are, and wish to discover why we are here for this life go round. The original will show us if we wish to know, truly and clearly. It is our willingness that allows this to be.
Each letter of the Alphabet, each word and idea leads to the next. The truth is, any word will do, any way is okay. The Way is perfect, no matter which way. But here exercise your free will and make some creative origins for yourself, saying out of me alone comes all I need. I work with the One in me, and it loves me, as I do it. The one must answer us, for that is the nature of the One to give and return.
Purpose is a vital gift. Without it, we soon wither and die. Every thing is imbued with purpose, and to live with passion is not negative, but constructive. It is often said, desire is suffering, but actually the lack of desire is equally suffering. It is not the desire, but how we deal with it that counts. Having passion for life is a wonderful thing.
Find your purpose by considering your talents and interests, your likes and hates, and that which uplifts you and enthralls you. Get into passion too, and find a way to exalt yourself, but don’t lose the balance. We are entitled to love, but it must be with agreement and truth, or it turns on us. P is a letter turning into itself, but this can be constructive. Power comes from the proper use of Love.
Make your list of Passions and Desires. Then pair it down to the priority. This position demands some proper attention. Positive P is a link to the source, and you are that link for yourself. None other can do this for you. Be ready to enjoy the greater gifts and you raise yourself up in conscious attention. There is a purpose for your life.
Quest and questions are necessary for our motivation and purpose. If we do not have question, we won’t see the good of God’s gifts. There is no balance without the two sides. If this world does not have the negative, we won’t have experience. The quest takes us to the higher middle ground between the two poles. We will always have the challenge of life, to give us a reason to live.
To be honest with ourselves, If we search out our own foibles, to find the one thing you seem really stuck on, you will find a key to unlocking your own puzzles. This might be excess of insecurity or protection, a personal indulgence, or even too much zeal, or some attachment to things, persons, or lifestyle, or it is avoidance of a fear, and missing the points, laziness, lack of discipline.Whatever; Here is your quest. It connects to all your complaints about the world, and the things you would like to improve.
Search your feelings, skywalker, and see the force at work. Write down the five things you want in life, with a time table and a reason for wanting each one, plus your willing to give up for them. If you describe these things, you are half way there. The other have is having a plan to meet them. If your truly willing to give up all for them, you must then receive. That is the Way.
The B.E.S.T P.L.A.N is being essence of sound truth, perfect, loving, all and neutral. This is the Way. Make your quest for these and you will find, like god’s gifts, each thing benefits all the rest. You find the one in all, and the all in each one.

We have two components of rest; Physical sleep and Relaxation, as in release of anxiety, tension, or concern. No fear, no force, no fury. Rest’s gift is not only for the body, but for the mind, but here we also get rejuvenation of the spirit, which is free of the body for dream experience. I believe this inner connection to spirit is the actual necessary event that brings us rest. It can happen in a short snooze as well as deep night sleep.

Relaxation comes from conservation, and economy, of being careful, and of letting go. Let in, let out, or let go, for as my mentor has said; There is no end to letting go. Half the battle is simple surrender. To drop the concern, allow life to lead us, and be with the flow of the river, the Way is easy, for there is only the Way.

Good for sleep are Chamomile and Valerian root. We should prioritize our rest periods with a balance of exercise, play and work. The necessary sleep is accompanied by closing one’s eyes during The day, with spiritual exercise, and physical pause, such as when on a bus. If you also concentrate your focus to look within your third eye or spiritual point, with calm breath, you will find increased rest, and a more active daytime.

Here is a shorthand for Health: 5 CADETS...


EMOTIONAL, acceptance, do the right thing, eat well, tolerance, and SWEET to others.

CAUSAL health...can do, attention, duty, energize, take charge.

MENTAL health...Work on attitude, gratitude, and finding solution to problems, consider honestly truth, and secure new visions.

Spiritually...Spirit light and sound, imagination, doing for others, giving, and being Love!

In healing, we need to see the balance of our 6 internal systems with 5 levels of disease and healing. The 6 areas of the body are nervous, respiratory, lymphatic, digestive, procreative, and the brain/senses perception. The five areas of mind, body, emotion, cause, and spiritual are all tied into these as levels of healing or harm. As we focus on the above first by identification of problems, and weakness, we can use the above keys and exercises to work through dis-ease.

More to come in future on this subject here.

There are in the number 26, the combination by addition of prime numbers 3,5,7, and 11. That means we find in each area the following: 3 main principles, 5 Aspects, 7 Ideals, and 11 Area or Friends!